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on client specifications

To maintain its position as leader and meet your expectations, Mecalectro has a cutting-edge research and development department, a prototype test laboratory and high-quality production facilities.
Mecalectro has well-managed process to develop actuators based on client specifications, meeting the needs of the most demanding and sensitive markets.
Its EN 9100, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications demonstrate how important product quality and environmental protection are to Mecalectro.
Thanks to its multi-disciplinary experience and know-how, Mecalectro can precisely meet all your requirements.

Innovation in our genes

Mecalectro supports you in your journey in innovation, all-electric disruptive technology, mechatronics and green design.
We rely on our long experience from the development of many specialist actuators, providing unique knowledge of actuator architecture and of reliable functional building blocks.
With continuous research into new electrical actuator concepts, and new components, materials and processes, Mecalectro provides you with optimal and innovative solutions.
This know-how is integrated into a knowledge management platform that enables the R&D team to quickly respond to customer needs for a well-managed solution.
Our laboratory teams can perform complete product qualification programmes for industrial markets as varied as aerospace, automotive and healthcare.

Case studies

Safety locking device for an ejector system

Issues / demands
Optimise size and performance  of an electronic latch on an aircraft, to resist vibrations and provide ultra-fast release times.

Development of a miniaturised electromagnetic latch, with low power requirements due to shunt trip operation and electronic control.
It enables launch of a system accessible by passengers during loss of aircraft cabin pressure.

Control of safety valve opening

Issues / demands
Precisely control, via a thimble assembly, the manoeuvring of a valve in a highly demanding environment (high temperature and pressure).

This uses a target fitted on the valve and a sensor located outside the hydraulic system.
The assembly boasts high-precision electronic control, limiting the volume of cooling water discharged and thereby reducing pollution.

Control of an ultra-fast electrical contactor

Issues / demands
Optimise the size and weight of the control actuator of the on-board electrical contactor, which is subject to jolts and vibrations, while providing ultra-fast trip time.

Designing predictive power electronics (qualified for rail use) to anticipate possible unit failures by providing a comprehensive status report on actuator components.

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