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Mecalectro, one of the European leaders in electromagnetic solutions, markets actuators used in multiple transport sector applications.

Our products, intended to be subject to aggressive stresses, are perfectly suited to the requirements of this field of application.

The electromagnetic actuators enter into the control of circuit breakers, diesel motors and locking automatic doors on moving equipment.

The command of all its processes has allowed Mecalectro to establish itself as the perfect partner for developing build-to-spec solutions.

Personalized assistance according to the EN9100 and ISO 9001 baselines, includes advice, the study of complex system specifications and the modelling of these for the most stringent of requirements.

Actuators to control circuit breakers on trains

Developed specially to spec for our client, our actuators control the onboard circuit breakers.

They allow for cut-off powers of several thousand amps in just a few milliseconds.

Perfectly suited to the stresses of this application, our electromagnetic actuators form an integral part of the client’s system operating correctly:

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Other example applications from the transport sector

The Mecalectro project was to optimize the bulk and trigger time characteristics of an onboard electrical contactor command actuator subject to impacts and vibrations. 

This study consisted in developing an electronic device of predictive power (rail-certified) allowing for anticipating possible failures in the assembly, while giving an exhaustive report of the components making up the actuator.

Access to the rear doors of the lorry is locked by an electromagnetic actuator. Its low power consumption and strong shear force have been tailored to the security restrictions of road transport.

In this application, the actuator holds the train carriage emergency stop in position. Pulling on the lever allows the train to stop in complete safety.


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