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Mecalectro’s electromagnetic actuators are present in numerous building security applications, and in particular:

The holding magnets designed and manufactured by Mecalectro comply with French standard NF S 61937 and European standard EN 1155, currently in force.

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications are evidence of the priority given to the quality of our products and to respecting the environment.

What are your electromagnetic actuator requirements for use in the building security sector?

Responsiveness, flexibility and efficiency: our electromagnetic solutions for building security

Mecalectro has established itself as the benchmark partner for your electromagnetic actuator requirements in the building security sector.

Our team of professionals is at your service to offer you the most suitable solutions to meet your needs.

We have earned their trust:

Blocfer, DEF, Jeldwen, JH Industrie, Honeywell, Keyor, Malerba, Siemens, Madicob, etc.

Other example applications for Mecalectro actuators in building security:

Holding fire doors in public places (hospitals, hotels, retirement homes, schools, etc.).  Mounted to a fixed part, these holding devices magnetically hold the fire doors by way of a backing plate. The ASD (Actuated Safety Device) is released or rearmed by the unit losing power or being energized.

Locking the fresh and foul air inlet control for smoke clearance hatches or flaps (roofs, windows, risers). These actuators ensure the removal of foul air and the inlet [of fresh] through smoke clearance hatches and flaps. They make evacuation of the public easier by allowing them to see their way better and limiting the toxic effects of smoke. Smoke clearance is a major element to be taken into consideration when constructing or renovating a building.

Locking building entrance doors in the tertiary or industrial sector.

These holding magnets are intended to lock controlled doors to rooms or buildings. Thanks to their strong holding forces (300 daN to 500 daN), they can be used to lock building entrance doors. They integrate automatic adaptation to the power supply voltage as well as door position detection.

Locking emergency exits : the Mecalectro built-to-spec solution

Based on particular specifications and combined with the central emergency exit control unit, the Mecalectro electromagnetic actuator locks the emergency exits. 

On receipt of authorization from the central control unit, they are unlocked, allowing the doors to be opened.

Perfectly tailored to current standards, our electromagnetic lock forms a key component in the system’s operation, ensuring optimum emergency exit locking.

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