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Joining forces with the Japanese company Fujita allowed Mecalectro, the French leader in electromagnetic actuators, to market an innovative electromagnetic gripping technology without residual remanence.

An innovative technology to help with gripping

The technology resulting from the collaboration between Mecalectro and Fujita consists in coupling dedicated electromagnets and a pre-programmed electronic controller. A breakthrough that resulted in a unique technology allowing for controlling the robotic gripping of ferromagnetic parts.

Do you have an electromagnetic actuator requirement for use in robotics ?

Electromagnetic actuator solutions for robotics

Mecalectro designs and manufactures electromagnetic actuators for use in robotics. It offers a catalogue of standard products. For specific requirements, we develop built-to-spec solutions. 

The electromagnetic controller

This allows for the simultaneous control of multiple electromagnetic modules. 

Electromagnetic contact plate
This universal gripping device allows for moving metal and cast-iron objects of a variety of shapes by automatically adapting to their geometry; its architecture affords it a strong magnetic force.
Electromagnetic shoe
With a configurable shape, it allows for gripping ferromagnetic parts of varying geometries (flat or cylindrical, etc.).
Electromagnetic floating bars
With their mobile magnetic poles, floating bars match all part shapes.
Holding magnet

Allows for gripping flat ferromagnetic parts with weights ranging from a few grammes to several kilogrammes. 

Electromagnetic block
Used to depalletize or convey steel sheets and slabs. The electromagnetic block offers strong magnetic attraction, despite its small size.

A few examples of Mecalectro electromagnetic actuator applications in robotics

Among the most current examples of the use of our electromagnetic actuators in robotics :

This programmable controller, combined with electromagnetic modules, allows for adjusting the magnetic grip for metal parts in various shapes and sizes. Separation is obtained without remanence. It is intended in particular for applications used in :

- Gripping
- Manipulating
- Handling
- Conveying

This electromagnet allows for moving metal objects of various shapes, while retaining the initial attraction position. The magnetic poles automatically adapt to the geometry of the parts.

The shape of this contact plate allows us to magnetically attract and hold items of a wide variety of shapes and weights. The architecture of this electromagnet affords it a strong magnetic force.

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