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There are a wide range of electromagnet solutions offered by Mecalectro for use in the energy sector. 

From controlling the reactor primary cooling circuit gate valves for the French nuclear industry to controlling handling systems in confined spaces, our electromagnetic actuators fulfil the client’s requirements exactly.

The command of all its processes has allowed Mecalectro to establish itself as the perfect partner for developing build-to-spec solutions.

Personalized assistance according to the EN9100 and ISO 9001 baselines, includes advice, the study of complex system specifications and the modelling of these for the most stringent of requirements.

Example applications within the energy sector

The electromagnetic actuator designed and manufactured for its client by Mecalectro controls the relief valves on the reactor primary cooling circuit pressurizer in nuclear power stations.

Its electronic control is achieved through a fluxgate sensor, the precision of which allows for limiting the volume of water discharged and thus reducing the effects of pollution.

Designed and manufactured specifically by Mecalectro for nuclear-power submarine boiler rooms, this electromagnetic actuator ensures fast emergency cooling of the boiler under accident conditions within the confinement area.

The pressure from public authorities and the European provisions on the ecological transition to reduce carbon emissions is, among other things, forcing car manufacturers to stop production of internal combustion engine vehicles as quickly as possible in favour of electric vehicles.

Within this framework, there is a consequent need to allow this new fleet to have a number of dedicated electrical charging stations as quickly as possible.

To permit this recharging, and for safety reasons, removing the electrical plug from its charging station should be prohibited without the manufacturer’s protocol authorizing you to do so.

Mecalectro is one of the European operators offering innovative industrial electromagnetic locking solutions, by virtue of the recognized experience it has accrued over the years.

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