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From missile locking to the secure locking of ammunitions and firing access hatches, Mecalectro’s electromagnetic actuators are widely used in the defense sector.

The command of all its processes has allowed Mecalectro to establish itself as the perfect partner for developing build-to-spec solutions.

Personalized assistance according to the EN9100 and ISO 9001 baselines, includes advice, the study of complex system specifications and the modelling of these for the most stringent of requirements.

Our R&D teams are at your service for all your requirements and will create innovative and efficient solutions with you.

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Examples of electromagnetic actuator applications in the military sector

The pylons on the Rafale are fitted with actuators that allows the missile firing safety device to be unlocked and locked.

The key features of this actuator :

- Weight/power ratio
- Reduced consumption
- Equipment shielded against impacts and vibrations
- Complete reliability

This actuator locks the ammunition supply door on the CTC (Cased Telescoped Canon).

The hatches of missile silos on military buildings are equipped with safety locking systems powered by our electromagnetic actuators.

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