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The leader in electromagnetic actuator solutions in the automation and industry sector, Mecalectro offers reliable, high-performance solutions to control systems such as safety locking airstairs, dangerous machine housings or electrical charging points.

The command of all its processes has allowed Mecalectro to establish itself as the perfect partner for developing build-to-spec solutions.

Personalized assistance according to the EN9100 and ISO 9001 baselines, includes advice, the study of complex system specifications and the modelling of these for the most stringent of requirements.

Industrial electromagnetic actuator solutions

Mecalectro has established itself as one of the European leaders for industry and many other sectors (aeronautics, defense, medical, nuclear, transport, etc.).

We have earned the trust of the major names in industry: Areva, Gunnebo, JC Decaux, RATP, Renault, SNCF, Schneider, Solystic, etc.

Electromagnetic actuators for the Vélib (bicycle hire) project in Paris

Developed specifically to spec for our client JC Decaux, the Vélib electromagnetic actuator allows for locking the bike to its respective docking station.

On receipt of authorization from the controller, the bike is unlocked and can be used. The Vélib electromagnetic actuator, designed and manufactured by Mecalectro, is built entirely to the specifications of the JC Decaux project:

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Do you have a requirement for industrial electromagnetic actuators?

Industrial electromagnetic actuator projects

Our electromagnetic actuators allow for controlling systems extremely quickly while offering a long lifespan for applications such as :

Controlling, positioning and locking: our industrial electromagnetic actuator solutions

Mecalectro is industry’s preferential partner for electromagnetic actuators. A few examples illustrating our solutions :

Mecalectro fulfilled its client’s requirements by supplying an electromagnetic actuator that allowed for locking the threshold height for the electrical airstairs designed to allow passengers to board the aircraft.

Mecalectro developed a range of industrial actuators allowing for locking devices designed for pedestrian access (turnstiles, speed gates, revolving doors, etc.).

A specific type of actuator was developed to lock the charging hatch and plug on electrical vehicle charging stations.

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