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Mecalectro electromagnetic actuators are recognized for their reliability and durability.

They are integrated into various client applications and address the following markets :

In the field of civil and military aerospace engineering, Mecalectro’s actuators are used in particular for safety functions such as locking cockpit access doors, cabin seats in the Airbus range and onboard circuit breaker controls.
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From missile locking to the secure locking of ammunitions and firing access hatches, Mecalectro’s electromagnetic actuators are widely used in the defense sector.
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Mechatronics is the synergy of various technologies (mechanics, electromagnetics, electronics, etc.), which allows Mecalectro to design industrial automation command systems for demanding environments in the mechatronics sector.
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Joining forces with the Japanese company Fujita allowed Mecalectro, the French leader in electromagnetic actuators, to market an innovative electromagnetic gripping technology without residual remanence.
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The leading French manufacturer of electromagnetic actuators, Mecalectro markets actuators used in multiple transport sector applications. Our products, designed to be subject to aggressive stresses such as impacts, vibrations, corrosion, etc. are perfectly suited to our transport sector clients’ requirements.
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Automation and industry sector
The leader in electromagnetic actuator solutions in the automation and industry sector, Mecalectro offers reliable, high-performance solutions to control systems such as safety locking airstairs, dangerous machine housings or electrical charging points.
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There are a wide range of electromagnet solutions offered by Mecalectro for the energy sector. For example, the modernization programme for the French nuclear power industry has enabled Mecalectro to design specific solutions for this market. From controlling the reactor primary cooling circuit gate valves to controlling handling systems in confined spaces, our electromagnetic actuators fulfil the client’s requirements exactly.
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The leading French manufacturer of electromagnetic actuators, Mecalectro works with the key purchasers in the medical sector, including Air Liquide Medical Systems, Echosens, GE Healthcare, IMS, and Resmed, whose trust we have earned due to the reliability and safety of the products offered. Designed to perform essential locking, dosing and positioning functions, our medical sector actuators offer high performances, in full compliance with the most sophisticated devices.
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Building security
Compartmentalization, smoke clearance, access control: Mecalectro’s electromagnetic actuators are present in multiple building security sector applications.
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Specific Solutions
On the basis of particular specifications, our R&D department analyzes your requirements and offers you tailored and innovative solutions. We assist our clients with every phase: design, prototypes, pre-production and production.
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Designed specifically for our customers’ needs, our electromagnetic actuators are integral to the proper functioning of many equipment, devices and other applications.

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