Our range of Holding magnets

Mecalectro offers a wide range of holding magnets

Holding magnets are used in fire protection (smoke clearance hatches, fire dampers, fire door retainers), emergency exits and access control.

They are also used for applications to hold or grip parts or tools in industry and robotics.

In addition to the catalogue products, Mecalectro also offers the study, design and production of products meeting your specifications.

Please contact us directly to tell us your requirements.

What are your requirements in terms of holding magnets?

Download the questionnaire to help you define your electromagnet requirements and send it to us by e-mail at contact@mecalectro.com

Our range of holding magnets, complies with standards EN1155, NF S 61-937 and ATEX, and includes :

ventouses normes

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Mecalectro offers a wide range of holding magnets with different characteristics adapted to your needs.

How do holding magnets work?

This is a component designed to hold a device in a determined position or to hold and grip parts, the release being made via a simple electrical signal.

Holding magnets operate in two different ways :

- Fail-secure
- Fail-safe

For fail-secure holding devices, the force is highest when energized and becomes nil when the power drops.
For fail-safe holding devices, the force is highest when not energized and is cancelled when energized.
For holding magnets or carrier electromagnets, the force depends on the geometry, material, and thickness of the part to be held and the air gap (distance between the part and the carrier electromagnet).

The stresses (mechanical, electrical or thermal, etc.) relating to holding devices depend on the environmental or standardized conditions of use.

For example: temperature, power supply, vibrations, duty ratio

Within this framework, the requirements questionnaire will allow you to choose the most suitable holding device.

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