Our range of Electrodynamic actuators

Ideal for all systems in which precision, speed and lifespan are of particular importance.

Electrodynamic actuators (Voice Coil) are used in several sectors and applications: sorting post, controlling lasers, positioning commands, metering liquids, etc.

For example, they are used in medical applications such as ventilators, in which they ensure the vital regulation of air flow to the patient.

What is an electrodynamic actuator ?

In this technology, and unlike a standard electromagnet, it is the coil or magnet, connected to the axis that moves. In fact, the current circulating in the coil reacts with the magnetic field from the permanent magnet and generates a mechanical force transmitted to the mobile armature.

What are your requirements in terms of electrodynamic actuators ?

Mecalectro offers a wide range of electrodynamic actuators with various specifications, tailored to your needs.

Main characteristics of Mecalectro electrodynamic actuators

actionneur électrodynamique

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