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Control electromagnets
Mecalectro offers a wide range of catalogue products for command and security systems, as well as actuators tailored or designed for specific requirements.
Electromagnets ➜
Electromagnetic locks
Serving goods and people, the electromagnetic locks designed by Mecalectro fulfil safety functions in accordance with the requirements and standards in force.
Electromagnetic locks ➜
Holding magnets
Intended specifically for fire protection and access control, Mecalectro’s holding magnets are designed in accordance with the requirements and standards in force.
Holding magnets ➜
Electrodynamic actuators
With a strength and movement proportional to the current, Mecalectro’s electromagnetic actuators offer multiple benefits for specific applications.
Electrodynamic actuators ➜
Robotic gripping devices
Our range of controlled gripping devices allows for handling metal parts in a variety of shapes and weights.
Robotic products ➜

All our products are designed and manufactured in France.

 They fulfil the requirements of every client, regardless of the business sector, in accordance with the standards and certifications currently in force, including in particular :

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