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This field is highly demanding (jolts, vibrations, corrosion, etc.), and our actuators are used in circuit breakers, diesel engine control systems and the locking of automatic doors on rolling stock.

Thanks to its experience in this area, Mecalectro ensures that the demands associated with intensive use of on-board equipment are fully taken into account.

Its EN 9100ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications demonstrate how important product quality and environmental protection are to Mecalectro.

Examples of applications

High-voltage circuit breaker control

This actuator was developed to control high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers. It is installed on the roof of high speed (TGV) trains. Its “overtravel” technology means it can maintain a constant contact force regardless of contact wear.

Rear door locking

Access to the rear doors of the lorry is locked by this electromagnetic actuator. Its low power consumption and high shear resistance are perfectly tailored to the demands of road transport. The product was developed taking into account the variability of door alignment.

Emergency exit locking system

This actuator locks the emergency stop control lever of rail carriages. Its sticking force ensures that the lever is held despite the specific demands of jolts and vibrations. It operation in powered maintenance mode is optimised to ensure the highest force with minimal size and power consumption.

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