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In collaboration with the Japanese company Fujita, Mecalectro is marketing in Europe an innovative technology that combines specialist electromagnets and a pre-programmed electronic controller.
This combination of systems handles metal components of various shapes and weights, enabling their separation in milliseconds.

A technological breakthrough combining electromagnets and a pre-programmed electronic controller
This unique technology handles metal parts of various shapes and weights, from a few grams to tens of kilograms, enabling separation of parts in a few milliseconds (<20ms). Key point: this separation is made without magnetising the part (<0.01mT), which means that later operations, such as painting and surface treatments, can be performed without damage.

Examples of applications

Gripping of parts

The shape of this pad means that objects of highly varied shapes and weights can be attracted and held in place. The architecture of this electromagnet provides a very strong magnetic force.

Control of electromagnetic gripping

This programmable controller combined with electromagnet modules is used to adjust the magnetic gripping of metal parts of various shapes and sizes. Separation is performed without magnetising. This has applications in gripping, manipulation, handling, and conveying.

Handling of parts

This electromagnet is used to move metal objects of various shapes while maintaining the initial position of attraction. It automatically adapts to the geometry at its mobile magnetic poles.

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