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The French nuclear fleet with its 58 reactors generating electricity at 19 nuclear power plant sites, has enabled Mecalectro to participate in the development of a wide range of specialist electromagnets.

Mecalectro has numerous offerings, from control of the relief valves on the reactor coolant system to control of the gripping system in a confined environment.

Because our staff are expert in all processes, from design to production, and fully understand the strict demands of this market, they can always offer the most suitable solution for your expectations.

Its EN 9100ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications demonstrate how important product quality and environmental protection are to Mecalectro.

Examples of applications

Pressure relief valve control

This actuator controls the safety valves on the reactor cooling system pressurizer at nuclear power plants.

Nuclear reactor safety

Specially designed for submarine nuclear steam supply systems (NSSS), this actuator provides rapid emergency NSSS cooling under accident conditions in the containment.

Position sensor control

Valve opening is controlled using a target fitted on the valve and a sensor located outside the electronically-manoeuvred hydraulic system. The high-precision control limits the volume of cooling water discharged and thereby reduces pollution.

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