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Mecalectro is very aware of the importance of power-to-weight ratio, shock resistance and vibrations, and helps you manage actuator performance optimisation, key in this industry.

Because Mecalectro is expert in all processes (design, manufacture and traceability), and fully understands the demands of the various Defence markets, it can develop solutions that meet all your expectations, from design of a specific product to product manufacture and qualification.

Examples of applications

Missile locking

The Rafale missile mounting posts are fitted with this actuator to safety-lock and unlock the missile firing system.

Locking of missile access hatches

These actuators provide safety locking for the missile silo hatches on warships.

Weapon system safety locking

This actuator locks the feed-system door of the Cased Telescoped Cannon.

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Specialist solutions

Your specialist projects deserve dedicated development.
Our team of experts will produce the best solutions for you.

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