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Access control

As a French market leader in the area of fire safety and access control, Mecalectro offers a wide range of  electromagnetic locks that comply with current French (NFS61937) and European (EN 1155) standards.
Our products provide safety functions in applications such as smoke extraction, compartmentation, emergency exits and access control.
With 40 years experience and a wide range of products, Mecalectro has become a leader in the sector.

Examples of applications

Hold-open systems for fire doors

Hold-open systems for fire doors in public buildings (hospitals, hotels, retirement homes, schools, etc.) These electromagnetic locks are mounted on a fixed part and magnetically hold the fire doors open via a striking plate. The safety system is released or reset by cutting or restoring power to the unit.

Access control

Locking systems for building access doors in the tertiary or industrial sector.
These electromagnetic locks are for access doors on rooms or buildings. Thanks to their very large holding force (300daN to 500daN), they can be used to lock building access doors. They include automatic adaptation to power supply voltage and door position detection.

Smoke extraction

Locking devices to control the flow of fresh and contaminated air from smoke extraction hatches or flaps (for roofs, windows, and stairwells). These actuators ensure the extraction of contaminated air and the inflow of clean air via smoke extraction hatches and flaps. This improves visibility to facilitate evacuation of the public and minimises the toxic effects of smoke. Smoke extraction is a key element to be taken into account during building construction or renovation.

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