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Putting the 21st century into perspective

According to Otto Von Bismarck «He who does not know where he comes from cannot know where he is going because he does not know where he is. In this sense, the past is the launching pad to the future». We cannot “always progress” without constantly questioning our identity and our objectives, in order to better understand the present and our future.

In more than 70 years of existence, Mecalectro has adapted by developing a capacity to overcome obstacles and innovate to meet the new needs that are changing our knowledge in a constantly evolving environment.

This unique and multidisciplinary know-how allows Mecalectro to assert itself as a leader and a trusted reference in the design and manufacture of electromagnets, suction cups, electromagnetic locks and electrodynamic actuators.

In the 21st century, Progress and Demand remain more than ever the two fundamental aspects that characterise Mecalectro. This is why we are still proud today to have the confidence of our customers and suppliers.

«MECALECTRO draws its strength, legitimacy and reputation from its history and the values it still carries today. For more than 70 years, a whole team of experts has been building the company and meeting the challenges that drive its progress on a daily basis. It is with this sustained spirit of conquest that MECALECTRO will strengthen its position as a key player in the future.»

Jean-Pierre DEMARIA - CEO

The requirement

Our high standards are the result of our commitment to our customers. This fundamental value drives us collectively towards excellence.


Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. Our agility allows us to find original and personalised solutions in a constantly changing environment.


Our ambition is to develop our capabilities through innovation. Our daring mindset leads us to constantly push back our limits.


Since its creation, Mecalectro has cultivated the trust of its partners, customers and suppliers, as it is one of the essential values shared by all its employees.

Team Spirit

The solidarity and teamwork of the collaborators carried out for several years allows Mecalectro to have a high level of expertise and know-how recognized by its customers.


For our collaborators, customers and partners, the respect and listening that we owe them are essential values at Mecalectro.

  • 7000 m2production area
  • 15engineers
  • 3500customers in France and abroad
  • 100employees in France
  • more than 70 yearsof experience
  • 13 m€turnover
  • 30 %in export
  • 12500products

1902 - 1945

In 1902, an engineer from the Arts et Métiers Mr Mosnier created an eponymous company in Montrouge (92). A first generation of electromagnets was then developed. 50 years later, the development of electricity “will allow Mr Mosnier to enrich the product ranges for multiple industrial applications.
At that time, the company’s workforce numbered around 100 employees and the production machinery was efficient, since some lathes were already equipped with copiers.

1945 - 1973

In 1945, the company was sold to Mr Dupont who was then in charge of production and who continued the activity until 1948. At this date, the company will take the name of Mecalectro.
The 4 partners Mrs Melut, Langrand, Malabry and Mazard in turn modernised the range of electromagnets.
In 1968, Mecalectro moved to Massy at the current address in a specially built factory.
The well-being of the employees was already a concern at the time, as the factory was equipped with a company restaurant, a library, a relaxation room and an infirmary.
Modernity was not excluded, as a work of art “the signal” representing the flame of knowledge still stands at the entrance to the company.

1973 - 1990

In 1970, the partners separated after the company was acquired by BANEXI, a subsidiary of BNP.
Mecalectro then became a SAS.
In 1983, Mecalectro was sold to CROUZET, a French manufacturer specialising in automation components.
From this date, the company turned resolutely towards the future to become the French leader as a manufacturer of electromagnetic components and systems.
This desire was accompanied by the strengthening of the design office, the creation of a quality control department and the modernisation of the production tool.

1990 - 2020

In 1990, Mecalectro was bought out through an MBO by Mrs Roger Champt, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of SEXTANT AVIONNIQUE and Jean Claude Cabin, then Industrial Director of CROUZET.
The financial package is put together with an investor who will support the company during the 4 successive operations.
During this period, the development continues by consolidating the assets and accentuating the international development.

On 20 December 2019, Mecalectro SAS is taken over by its management team with financial support from the PENINSULAR Capital investment fund.
Jean Pierre DEMARIA becomes Chairman and CEO, Lyonel SAMSON General Secretary and Cédric COURTAUD Executive Director.

From 2020, several actions are launched:
– multi-year contracts with our main suppliers
– creation of a digital communication and marketing centre
– strengthening of the sales department
– opening of an office in Germany,…

This new project is part of the vision to make Mecalectro the European reference for original and innovative electromagnetic solutions.
Mecalectro‘s history continues and the efforts of all its collaborators should enable the company to
to secure its future as did all its predecessors.

2021 - ...

“Some people want it to happen, some would like it to happen and some make it happen”.
The project we are conducting is fully in line with the latter meaning.
Throughout its history, Mecalectro has demonstrated its strong resilience and ability to overcome obstacles.
There is no doubt that with this new project it will find the resources that will help it to become more firmly rooted in time.

This requirement defines the daily commitment of all its employees.

Our electromagnets and components are designed to last as long as possible.

« From product engineering and design to customer-specific production, Mecalectro develops innovative solutions with a view to controlling environmental impact and social issues. »
All of Mecalectro‘s products accompany you on a daily basis. And you can count on them. So they are designed to withstand years of use and continue to serve for a long time. Made of durable materials, Mecalectro is also available to customers if any problems arise.
« Because the longer you keep your appliance, the more good you will do for the planet. »

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