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The innovative

Mecalectro was founded in 1948 and is now a European market leader for the design and manufacture of electromagnets, electromagnetic locks and latches, and electrodynamic actuators.

Our multi-disciplinary experience, know-how and the depth of our multi-application product catalogue have made Mecalectro an international player in highly demanding markets such as aerospace, defence, access control, industry, healthcare, nuclear, robotics and fire safety .

Actuate, block, close, hit, hold, index, lock, manoeuvre, point, position, punch, release, tighten, trip: all these actions are now provided by our solutions and will be tomorrow in your future equipment.

Our working methods and process, and our products, services and solutions comply with the latest environmental requirements.

Mecalectro is a team of experts at your service to offer the most suitable solution for your needs.

European specialist in electromagnetic solutions

  • Years of experience70
  • Employees100
  • Clients3500
  • Turnover13 M€
  • Export30%
  • Products12500

Be the leader in our field

For 70 years Mecalectro has impressed the largest corporations with its know-how in highly demanding markets. This unique experience means that today Mecalectro can meet all expectations.

Listening is our core value

Listening to understand customer needs is at the core of Mecalectro team actions. This approach based on discussion and transparency enables us to develop your solutions together.

Respecting our planet is our priority

From the design stage, the life cycle of our products is analyzed in order to reduce the environmental impact of our activity. This allows us to use materials and manufacturing processes more respectful and to reduce our waste.

Innovation is our constant vision

It enables us to provide innovative solutions in increasingly demanding markets. Mecalectro makes all its expertise available to meet your present and future needs.

Innovation in our genes

Mecalectro supports you in your journey in innovation, all-electric disruptive technology, mechatronics and green design.
We rely on long experience from the development of many specific actuators, providing unique knowledge of actuator architecture and of reliable functional building blocks.
With continuous research into new electromagnetic actuator concepts, and new components, materials and processes, Mecalectro provides you with optimal innovative solutions.
With a rich Product Data Management platform, the R&D team can address all issues under the best conditions.
This value chain is enhanced by cutting-edge equipment to perform complete product qualification programmes for highly demanding industrial markets.

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