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A solenoid is an electromagnetic safety actuator used in all locking, holding, gripping, controlling, and actuating applications. At Mecalectro, we are developers and manufacturers of high-value-added solenoids that meet your specific requirements.

What is a solenoid ?

A solenoid is a device that converts its electrical current into mechanical motion through the magnetic field generated by its coil. We are also increasingly incorporating integrated electronics for power-saving and power-reduction purposes. We manufacture 100% of our coils at our Massy (91) site. We can offer a wide range of supply voltages. Solenoids are found in various industries (Medical, Aerospace, Rail, Nuclear).

Applications of solenoids :

• Electromagnetic Locks: Our laboratory-qualified locking solenoids ensure safety and reliability.

• Electromagnetic Valves: We provide precise flow control solutions for various industries, such as safety devices in the primary chambers of nuclear power plants.

• Medical Applications: Precision solenoids for medical imaging and air flow control for COVID respirators.

• Solenoid Valves: Reliable opening/closing of liquid flow in the industry, particularly for hydrogen applications.

• Linear Solenoids for actuation or locking of customer systems, such as locking electric vehicle charging sockets.

Advantages of Mecalectro Solenoids :


• Customization: Tailored solenoids built to specification to meet your specific needs.

• Quality and Reliability: High-quality components for lasting performance; certified ISO9100 / 9001 / 14001 / ATEX / IRIS. • Innovation and Research Department: We remain at the forefront of technology.

• Technical Support: Our team of experts is here to guide you.

• Fully Integrated Production and Prototyping (Build to Print): Great flexibility and responsiveness in our responses to bids.

Mecalectro solenoids embody excellence, customization, and innovation.


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